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OIP Leadership 9/9/14

    *Report Card Update (PDF)

    *District Data Calendar 2 (Word)

    *District Data Calendar Sample (Word)

    *District Data Calendar (Word)

    *Sample TBT Protocol (PDF)

    *SST3TBT Protocol (Word)

    *SST11 TBT Template 2014-15 Approved (Word)

    *Euclid TBT Sample - Pgs. 1-3 (PDF)

    *Euclid TBT Sample - Pgs. 4-5 (PDF)

    *PBIS BLT Data (Word)

    *Influence Activity with Answers (PDF)




Downloadable documents from Professional Development Trainings

OIP Leadership 11/11/14

    *Bruce Tuckman Team Development Model (PDF)

    *Exit Ticket (Word)

    *Norms for Collaboration (PDF)

    *OAASFEP ESEA Waiver Updates (PowerPoint)

    *OAASFEP Visable Learning Materials (PDF)

    *OIP Facilitator Meeting 11-11-14 (Word)

    *Placemat Support Activity (Word)

    *Questions to Ponder When Discussion TBT Minutes (PDF)

    *Remember The Titans - Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning (Video)

    *Show What You Know (PDF)

    *SST Summer Institute 2014 Monday Afternoon (PowerPoint)

    *Statoil Commercial - Car Ice Scraping Gone Wrong (Video)

    *TBT with Extensions (PDF) - Pgs. 1-2   Pgs. 3-4   Pgs. 5-6   Pgs. 7-8  Pgs. 9-10

    *Why Are So Many of Our Teachers and Schools So Successful - John Hattie at TEDxNorrkoping (Video)

Ohio Means Jobs 2/6/15

    *Career Connections Supports 2014-2015 (PDF)

OIP Leadership - 1/6/15

   *Hatties 8 Mindframes (VIDEO)

   *SST 11 TBT Template BRIEF 2014-15 Approved (Word) 

   *The Main Idea - Visible Learning for Teachers (PDF)

   *Visible Learning Workshop (JPEG)


Euclid Materials:

   *OLAC Action Forum (Website)

   *DLT Calendar 2014-2015 (PDF)

   *Euclid DLT Feedback Protocol (Word)

   *Euclid DLT Protocol (Word)

   *Euclid DLT Site Visit Feedback Protocol (Word)

   *Euclid SLT Feedback Protocol (Word)

   *Euclid SLT Protocol (Word)

   *Euclid SLT Rubric  (Word)

   *Euclid TBT Protocol (Word)

   *Euclid TBT Rubric (Word)



   *OH New State Tests ELA Math Administration Checklist (Word)

   *OH New State Tests ELA Math Materials Management Checklist (Word)

   *OH New State Tests ELA Math Test Times (Word)

   *OH New State Tests ELA Math Transcription Guidelines (Word)

   *OH New State Tests Intro Overview (PDF)

   *OH New State Tests Regional Support Teams Agenda (Word)

Bucyrus City Schools OLAC Program - Dec. 9, 2015

    *PowerPoint - Part 1 (PDF)

    *Powerpoint - Part 2 (PDF)

    *District Level Learning - Part 1 (PDF)

    *District Level Learning - Part 2 (PDF)

    *Single Goal Planning - Part 1 (PDF)

    *Single Goal Planning - Part 2 (PDF)

    *TBT/BLT Samples - Part 1 (PDF)

    *TBT/BLT Samples - Part 2 (PDF)

    *TBT Modeling/Samples - Part 1 (PDF)

    *TBT Modeling Samples - Part 2 (PDF)

    *Bucyrus Secondary - Waiver Day Plan - Part 1 (PDF)

    *Bucyrus Secondary - Waiver Day Plan - Part 2 (PDF)

PAILS - SEPT. 1, 2016

    *Session Plan (PDF)

    *Think Map (Word) 


    *Think Map (Word)

DF Training Agenda - March 16, 2017 (Word) 

PAILS Agenda - March 16, 2017 (Word)