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Employment Opportunity


General Consultant Qualifications


  1. A master’s degree in the area for which an employee has primary responsibility (i.e., education, special education, early childhood education, education administration or appropriate related field or evidence of equivalency);
  2. Three to five years of successful classroom teaching, school improvement planning, special education administration or related experience; a license appropriate to the individual’s profession (special education administration, general education, intervention specialist, early learning (age 3 to grade 3), related services);
  3. Expertise and/or significant leadership experience in several of the following areas:
    1. Knowledge of IDEA and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA);
    2. Data analysis, including data-based decision making and a thorough understanding of Ohio’s accountability system;
    3. Evidence-based processes and instructional practices, including development and implementation of academic and behavior supports;
    4. Early language and literacy development;
    5. Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction;
    6. Focused planning, including use of strategic problem solving;
    7. Coaching and consultation skills;
    8. Implementation and monitoring of improvement efforts;
    9. Culturally responsive and equitable systems and practices;
    10. Delivery of high quality professional learning and technical assistance;
    11. School administration;
    12. Early childhood education, preschool special education, early education preschool to grade 3, or other early childhood settings such as Head Start or community based child care;
    13. Specially designed instruction (SDI) and provision of free appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (special education);
    14. Parent, family and community engagement; and
    15. Career technical education and the Carl D. Perkins V Act

 Additional Criteria for the CTPD Consultant


  • Provides high quality professional development and technical assistance to all Career Technical Centers and Career Technical Planning Districts' (CTPD) in the three regions that focus on improving the instructional support by career technical educational instructors; 
  • Meets with CTE and OEC state staff to determine priority training focus topics including, but not limited to, Career Connections, CTE Standards, courses, assessments, academic alignment, special education service delivery, and data-based decision making; 
  • Develops a system target to the CTPD served in the region to provide information/resources to keep staff current on Ohio Department of Education (ODE)/ODE Office of Career Tech Education (CTE)/ODE Office of Exceptional Children (OEC) initiatives and requirements, along with expanding the delivery of Career Technical Education to all students; 
  • Provides federal, state, and regional legislative information to CTPD organizations including analyzing local needs to support planning for high quality professional development; 
  • Provides support through high quality professional development to CTPD staff on implications of student’s characteristics with respect to outcomes environments and support needs; 
  • Interprets data in cooperation with CTPD staff to develop high quality professional development plans; 
  • Assists instructional staff to identify appropriate educational program planning inclusive of all students; 
  • Identifies and facilitates appropriate modifications and accommodations within the Career Technical Education instructional environment; 
  • Demonstrates appropriate instructional strategies that support students in the Career Technical Education environment; 
  • Systemically identifies CTPD services and supports needs; 
  • Collaborates with regional services delivery systems to support CTPD’s high quality professional development; 
  • Develops and implements in cooperation with the CTPD staff ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of implemented high quality professional development;  
  • Collaborates with SST Special Education consultants on remediating or addressing issues related to an OEC Selective Review; and
  • Co-design and co-deliver required trainings as needed. 


Additional Job Information


  • The position requires travel.  A valid Ohio Driver License and safe and functional motorized vehicle are necessary.
  • Documentation of a clear criminal record.
  • Meets all mandated public health requirements (e.g., negative tuberculosis test).
  • Able to use equipment such as a computer, telephone, projector, copy machine and other related office equipment.

Additional Working Conditions

  • This is a salaried position; therefore, may be required to work extended hours.
  • May require working under time constraints to meet deadlines.
  • Expected to attend required meetings and trainings as determined by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) program offices as necessary to fulfill the requirements with the Grant Agreement Ohio’s State Support Teams FY22 & FY23.