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Career Tech Education


Why choose Career Technical Education (CTE)? In Ohio, every student has the opportunity to enroll in a career technical education course. To locate a Career Technical High School that serves you, click HERE 

Career Technical Education is not just vocational training. Career Technical Education combines academic and occupational course work, to help prepare students for not only their future careers, but post-secondary education as well. CTE students obtain skills and training that would not otherwise be available. 

What is career-technical education and how is it delivered to every student in Ohio?  For more information, click HERE

Advance CTE’s newest video provides an overview of how Career Technical Education prepares learners for their futures while closing the skills gap for employers across the country. Source: Ohio Association of Career -Technical Education Association 

Laws, Regulations and Guidance
Perkins V is federal funding for career-technical programming, On July 31,2018, the new name of  Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, or Perkins V was signed into law. There are 4 major components of these law:
1.  Data and Accountability  
2.  Equity in Career Tech
3. Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment
4. High Quality Programs of Study
To view a video on "Equity Initiatives in Career Technical Education" click HERE   
For more information regarding Perkins V State Plan, click HERE  
Regional Career Technical Planning Districts (CTPDs)

Ashland County-West Holmes Career (JVSD)

Knox County Career Center (JVSD)

Madison Local School District

Mansfield City School District

Pioneer Career and Technology Center (JVSD)

Tri-Rivers Career Center (JVSD)

Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Center (JVSD)

Regional Community Schools Career Programming

Cypress High School

GOAL Digital Academy

North Central Academy

The Tomorrow Center

TRECA Digital Academy

News, Updates & Professional Learning Opportunities

SST 7 Symposium: Literacy Strategies in CTE