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Early Learning Resources

Early Learning Resources

Social Emotional & Behavior Supports
Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports is a broad range of systemic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes in school communities while preventing problem behavior. The key attributes of PBIS include preventive activities, data-based decision making, and a problem solving orientation (Horner, 2000; Lewis & Sugai, 1999; Sugai et.al., 2000; Weigle, 1997).

Ohio’s Early Childhood model of Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) incorporates three levels of prevention and intervention designed to meet the social-emotional needs of all young children. Within early childhood settings, PBIS is a program-wide approach focusing on the social emotional development of all children. High quality environments, nurturing and responsive relationships, and intentional social skills instruction characterize PBIS in early childhood settings. Implementation of PBIS in early childhood settings reflects the same essential elements of the PBIS framework in school age programs in Ohio through a developmentally appropriate lens.

Center on Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) is focused on promoting the social emotional development and school readiness of young children birth to age five. CSEFEL is a national resource center funded by the Office of Head Start and Child Care Bureau for disseminating research and evidence-based practices to early childhood programs across the country. Many valuable, free resources (including Practical Strategies) are available on this site.

Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children. The Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children, (TACSEI) is a five-year grant made possible by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. TACSEI takes the research that shows which practices improve the social-emotional.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Dedicated to the health of all children. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Attention Deficit Disorders Association
Ideas for simple modification to classroom environments, curricula and classroom practices to promote inclusion of children with attention issues.

Center on the Social Emotional Foundation for Early Learning
Training materials and resources to promote the social emotional development and school readiness of children birth to five.

Early Childhood Ohio

Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children
The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is dedicated to improving the well-being of all young children, with particular focus on the quality of educational and developmental services for all children from birth through age 8. NAEYC is committed to becoming an increasingly high performing and inclusive organization.  Founded in 1926, NAEYC is the world's largest organization working on behalf of young children with nearly 90,000 members, a national network of over 300 local, state, and regional Affiliates, and a growing global alliance of like-minded organizations.

Ohio Child Care Resource & Referral Association. A statewide association promoting the positive development of all children.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. To help Ohio’s families find solutions to their temporary challenges, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services offers a wide range of assistance.   This includes unemployment compensation, health care, cash assistance, food assistance, child care, child support enforcement and administration, and employment and training assistance.

ODE Early Learning and School Readiness. Children's experiences prior to kindergarten, including cognitive and linguistic development, which help prepare them to succeed in school.

Resources for Early Childhood. The REC website seeks to support Ohio's early childhood teachers, parents, teachers of early childhood teachers, and children by providing peer-reviewed, web-based resources to assist with instructional planning, professional learning, and the implementation of the Ohio early learning standards for mathematics, science, English language arts, and social studies.

Center on the Social Emotional Foundation for Early Learning CSEFEL: Modules to Help Promote Social and Emotional Competence  Training materials and resources to promote the social emotional development and school readiness of children birth to five.

Reducing Suspension and Expulsion Practices in Early Childhood Settings U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services Policy letter on suspension and expulsion

Policy Statement on Expulsion and Suspension Policies in Early Childhood Settings

Additional Behavioral Resources for Young Children

Universal Developmental and Behavioral Screening – Birth to Five: Watch Me Thrive!

National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement: Resources and guides for early childhood programs

Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality Measures: User’s Manual

National Center for Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness

National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems

U.S. Department of Education School Climate and Discipline

A Model for Supporting Social Competence and Preventing Challenging Behavior in Young Children

Applications of PBIS in Child Care and Pre-K Classroom

Center for Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning: Supports for Families and Educators, Universal Level Through Tier Three

Early Childhood PBIS

Family-Centered PBIS for Young Children and Its Process

Guidance Matters (NAEYC)

Helping Children Learn to Manage Their Own Behavior

Promoting Positive Peer Social Interactions

Strategies for Increasing Peer Social Interactions: Prompting and Acknowledgment