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Career Preparation


Child pretending to be a construction worker

Readiness for career and post-secondary transition is critical for future success, not just "to" graduation, but "through" graduation and beyond. Refining policies and practices so that students graduate from high school with the academic and employability skills they need to be successful in the workforce can be challenging. 

The State Support Team 7 recognizes this challenge, and our team helps education and workforce leaders build their knowledge and capacity to integrate strategies that support career preparation and post-secondary transition efforts. With that in mind, the Career Preparation division of the SST 7 website is dedicated to supporting your needs and questions regarding career readiness for ALL students who are striving to prepare for the workforce demands of the 21st century.

Career Preparation Contacts

Please feel free to contact the individuals listed below for more information.
Julie Frankl
PH: 419-747-4808

Mike Hebenthal
PH: 419-747-4808

Stacey Swank
PH: 419-747-4808