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BUILDING FAMILY PARTNERSHIPS  PALOOZA AND Outstanding Student and Educator/Educator Team Awards

MAY 6, 2021

OSU Family and School Partnership Supports

Dual Capacity Building Framework

Marissa Alberty and Eyal Bergman developed this website as part of their coursework in the Doctor of Education Leadership program (EdLD) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. As former students of Dr. Karen Mapp and practitioners in the field, they hope this website can serve as a resource to anyone who seeks to elevate and improve their family & community engagement practice. Together with our partners, Dr. Mapp and the Institute for Educational Leadership, we thank you for visiting dualcapacity.org.

Epstein’s Framework of Six Types of Involvement

6 Keys ot Engaging Families in ESSA

Ohio Department of Education Models of Family Engagement links

Dispute Resolution - ODE

Situations may arise where parents or other family members believe a school has violated federal or state law. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) and Office of Early Learning and School Readiness (EL&SR) encourage parents, family members and schools to work together to resolve differences.

Ohio Family Engagement Center

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at The Ohio State University is a leader in the field of family, school, and community engagement. We are located at the Center on Education and Training for Employment, a translational research center within the College of Education and Human Ecology

National Network of Partnership Schools Johns Hopkins University
“Based on more than three decades of research on parental involvement, family engagement, and community partnerships, NNPS’s tools, guidelines, and action team approach may be used by all elementary, middle, and high schools to increase involvement and improve student learning and development,” explains Dr. Joyce L. Epstein, Founder and Director of NNPS. NNPS also guides district leaders to help their schools develop goal-oriented programs of family involvement and community connections, and to meet Title 1 requirements for parent involvement. In addition, NNPS assists state departments of education and organizations to develop policies and take actions that will support districts and schools in strengthening their partnership programs.

SST7 Family and Community Corner is designed to provide access to resources and supports for families, community members, and school personnel in order to optimize teaching and learning for all learners.

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