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Family Engagement

Family and Community Engagement

SST 7’s Family and Community Corner is designed to provide resources and supports for families, community members, and school personnel to optimize teaching and learning for all learners. Use the red menu on the left to navigate to these resources. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have a question, please contact SST 7 for support by using the contact information to the right.

Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at the Ohio State University Bi-Monthly Digital Newsletter

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at OSU has started a free bi-monthly digital newsletter called Family-to-Family Newsletter. Sign up here to be able to start receiving the newsletters today. 

The newsletter is intended for parents and caregivers of children from kindergarten to 12th grade and will include success stories, tools, tips, and resources to assist with family engagement, student success, and school/community connection. 

Family Engagement Recognition Day 2024

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State Support Team Region 7 has the distinct honor to recognize many educator nominees whose instruction, learning environment design, or through some other action resulted in students, specifically students with disabilities, making significant gains in their academic and/or non-academic pursuits in Region 7. In addition, SST7 was able to honor many student nominees that demonstrated areas of achievement and performance. 

Outstanding Achievement Award for

Student Nominees

 Outstanding Achievement Award for 

  Teacher Nominees

Ava Crain, Western Elementary School

Jackie Rhodes, Western Elementary School

Brycen Klintworth, Pleasant Street Elementary School 

Tiffany Burk, Pleasant Street Elementary School

Cameron Smith, Madison Comprehensive High School

Amy O’Connell, Madison Comprehensive High School

Bradleigh Glass, GOAL Digital Academy

Kristina Magoon, GOAL Digital Academy

Jeanna Godby, Lexington High School 

Gabe Lahmon, Plymouth-Shiloh Elementary School

Michelle Blair, Plymouth-Shiloh Elementary School

Addilyn Kuhn, Shelby Elementary School 

Lindsey Nardo, Shelby Elementary School

Reilly Luce, Shelby Elementary School 

Kerri Scarbrough, Shelby Elementary School

Evelyn Harper, Galion Primary School

Elizabeth Volz, Galion Primary School

Sarah Wegesin, Galion Primary School

Deborah Fraley, Galion Primary School

Aiden Brown, Galion Intermediate School

Rayanna Lott, Galion Intermediate School

Natalee Tobin, Tri-Rivers Career Center

Jamie Bando, Tri-Rivers Career Center

Riley Popovich, Tri-Rivers Career Center

Jackie Johnson, Tri-Rivers Career Center

Rylan Rudd, Tri-Rivers Career Center 

Amber Crow, Mohawk Elementary School 

Teacher and student award winners

In addition, SST7 is proud to announce the winners of the R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement Award and the Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award Winner: 

Family and Community Engagement Resources

The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center at the Ohio State University:

National Network of Partnership Schools John Hopkins University:

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce: