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Serving school districts in Ashland, Crawford, Huron, Knox, Marion, Medina, Morrow, Richland, Seneca, and Wyandot Counties in Ohio

Students with Complex Needs

Students with Complex Needs

The Center for Teaching Diverse Learners at OCALI provides professional development, technical assistance, consultation and resources for educational agencies, programs, practitioners, and families working to improve the quality of life and learning for individuals who have significant cognitive and low incidence disabilities. The center offers guidance to professionals and families with a focus on standards-based planning and instruction.

ASD Strategies in Action offers an innovative approach to online training in evidence-based strategies. Courses provide instruction through videos filmed with educators, service providers, experts, families, and people with ASD in the natural settings of school, home, work, and the community. An introductory course presents the common characteristics of autism and simple strategies. The courses that follow take participants to the next level of understanding with the opportunity to focus on strategies for Toddler and Preschool Age, School Age, or Transition Age individuals.

The Outreach Center for Deafness and Blindness works to increase access and equity for students, families, and communities through connections, resources, and supports.  Building relationships, sharing resources, and reaching the community is instrumental as we strive to support students where they are, with what they need, when they need it – to learn, grow and live their best lives.